A bridge between tradition and innovation

De Jorio design Swiss, a company of creative design and technical consulting among the most successful and innovative in the field of high-level design, is today considered a real and true school of thought and a trend setter.

An heterogeneous laboratory of highly qualified professionals where eight generations of architects and designers have been trained since 1956 until today, and that continues to welcome and train new generations of designers.

Thanks to a constant focus on research and innovation in the field of ideas, aesthetics and creativity, De Jorio design Swiss is influencing the very same sector of Interior Design, drawing inspiration from the richest and most rigorous among the architectonic and artistic cultures worldwide, the Italian one.

In its long history De Jorio design Swiss has explored numerous planning and thematic environments, from specialist and private architecture to industrial design, from the interior design of mega yachts to luxury cruise ships, from the latest generation of cruise ferries to the equally stimulating military ships, ensuring for itself a level of interdisciplinary competence and technical polyvalence unrivalled in Europe.

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