A business event dedicated to the design, planning, construction, and refitting of superyachts.

A summit that gathers together key players from the national and international industry for a discussion on the most current and pressing topics, two days of frontal thematic sessions and talk shows preceded by an institutional conference, at the Auditorium G. Bucchioni – via del Molo 1 – La Spezia.

It is within this framework that on MAY 17 at 10:45 AM our intervention entitled: "LUXURY CRUISE OR SUPERYACHT?" will take place.

The presentation, curated by Marco De Jorio, will focus on the emerging relationship between the luxury cruise sector and the yachting industry.

This relationship is evident not only in the design philosophy, aiming to recreate within a cruise ship, private spaces that are generous, refined, and luxurious yet cozy, akin in spirit to the sea typical of a luxury yacht, but also in the physical and tangible reconstruction of the bond between man and the sea. This bond is made possible by a reduction of the traditional structural barriers of contemporary ships, through the use of light, wider openings, and a greater visual connection.

This relationship is hard to find in modern city-like ships, designed for a broader and more popular audience, while it is more easily recognizable in smaller luxury ships that offer a better passenger-to-space ratio, akin to that of a private yacht.

Further food for thought will be provided by the increasing interconnection of projects between marine and terrestrial residential environments, with styles becoming increasingly similar. This is evident not only from the recent commercial phenomenon of some hotel chains equipping themselves with small luxury ships but also from the spread of a common contemporary language, characterized by essential and clean lines. This makes it increasingly difficult to distinguish personalized and characteristic elements of interiors, turning the designer's effort to achieve a unique and memorable interior into true virtuosity.

In any case, the exchange and overlapping of aesthetic, functional, and executive concepts between the two worlds, land and sea, are so evident that in the luxury sector, there is a prevalence of interest from private shipowners and distinguished guests in defining their lifestyle, regardless of place, time, and space.