We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for participating in the opening of "Invisible Presences," the encounter between Art and Architecture that took place last night at the De Jorio Design Swiss studio in Lugano, in collaboration with Galleria Rossetti.

It was an extraordinary event, made even more special by your valuable presence. The exhibition of works by Andrea Savazzi and Gianni Lucchesi has stirred deep emotions and stimulating reflections, offering us a new perspective on the human essence and the relationship between man and the world around him.

Through the various interpretations and artistic techniques of the two talented artists, we were invited to explore the concept of "being" in a wholly unique way. Savazzi's works transported us into abandoned spaces, where nature claims its place and where silence speaks of past lives and forgotten stories. Conversely, Lucchesi's creations prompted us to reflect on the inner complexities of man, exploring the relationship between the human figure and the environment that surrounds him.

This extraordinary collaboration between Rossetti Contemporary Art and the De Jorio Design Swiss studio was a perfect example of how architecture and design can merge to create a unique and engaging aesthetic experience. We are thrilled to have been able to offer a space where art and architecture meet, creating an atmosphere of inspiration and innovation.

Your presence made this event so special and meaningful. The "Invisible Presences" exhibition will be open until April 5, 2024, during the studio's opening hours. We invite you to come back and enjoy these extraordinary works once again. Heartfelt thanks for your support and participation.